Absolutely amazing. I spent half the day just relaxing and watching them. They’re friendly, they sure do a great job. I love listening to them, and I don’t have to worry about all that brush, the poison ivy, and all the nasties. This is incredible.


I can’t believe how much fun my kids and neighbors had today! Watching the goats and patting the soft sheep. We were the talk of the town! Great photos. Much better than hiring a crew or risking poison ivy!

Sharoon Black

I was glad to see they traveled from field to field. I know it’s a haul, but we really needed it and they were so nice. My daughters are in love with the sheep and want us to buy some. Not! But, we’ll have you back in a year or two!

Nichola William

​We are active duty military and needed a large amount of meat for the new recruits. They were really helpful when it came to drafting the amount of animals that will give us the required quantity we needed during the time intervals we chose. We recommend them all the time


Thank you soo much. The last purchase we made was successful. We get what we want and we are very happy to have her in our home. We are breeders as well and needed some Boers to start with. Those we recieved were healthy and in very good shape . Recommended.

Moris Douglas

 Good service, flexible prices. Customer service reps are friendly with customers. They are super friendly and knowledgeable. Good experience.