How can I place the order?

You may go online to our website and place an inquiry of the amount that you like. You must fill out the form and accept Terms and Conditions. After that, you may make a  credit card payment on our website.

How can I pay for the rest?

If we do the shipping for you, an invoice is sent for the rest via email. You can pay it online with your credit card. The payment has to be completed no later than 2 days before shipping to you.

If you come for pick up, you pay the rest at our location on the pick up date. There will be 7% sales tax for in-location payments. 

Why do I have to wait for so long for my shipment?

We work with logisticians all around the world and assure you that we try our best to use the fastest and most secure means of transportation for these animals. Every animal has to receive at least 2 shots of PCH and rabies before it is shipped out. 

Generally, all our shipments are wholesale, and making arrangements to ship live animals is usually lengthy and time-consuming. We struggle to ensure the safest shipping conditions for our animals.

How does shipping by cargo work?

We donot ship by cargo as most of our orders are so massive and cannot be sent through these means. Also, cargo shipments tend to be expensive.

I was trying to pay online but my payment doesn't go through. What can I do?

In most cases, this happens when you have a limit on your credit card. To fix this issue, You must contact your bank to allow this online payment.

Are you a breeder?

Yes, all our animals are reared by us and grown on our farms and are fed our pasture. 

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards, cashier checks, and money order. We don’t accept PayPal or personal checks. 

What kind of food do we use for the animals

Different breeders feed their goats and sheep with different types types of food. 

Generally, sheep and goats are herbivores and as such will eat anything related to grass.