Johnson’s Goat Farm is a family business that specializes in luxury, quality bred goats, and sheep for sale. We have proudly provided companies both in and out of the US since June 2002. Goats are multifunctional species and play an important role in the livelihoods and food security of farmers, particularly in rural areas. Goats are well‐adapted animals to the various ecological zones in the tropics and dry zones of developing countries. We practically rear the following breeds: the Boer, the Oberhasli, the Nubian, the Lamancha, the Kiko, the Nigerian Kiko, the Alpine and the Saanen breeds. We also breed the domestic sheeps and we sell all these in wholesale. 

We have enormous land full of pasture for this animals. This enables us to feed them adequately in their numbers. Our goats are able to produce milk of sufficient qualities, can also be used for meat and also the sheep hides can be used in the clothing industries.